Projects in Fall 2019

Current Projects for RAs

Here are some examples of projects we are starting or running in Fall Semester 2019.

To get involved in any of these projects as an RA, please see this information page!

Opportunities for Running Participants

  1. Cross-modal perceptions between timbre and color (in lab)
  2. Perceived emotion in music (in lab)
  3. Billie Eilish and ASMR (at COSI)
  4. Emotion perception in music for those with and without diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Opportunities for Working on an Existing Project

  1. Silent disco
  2. Connection between dancers and music
  3. Pitch range, transposition, and perceived emotion
  4. Machine learning to predict differences in performers of Bach’s Goldberg Variations
    • This requires computer programming experience
  5. Coding musical form in pop & rock music
    • This requires music theory training
    • This is a *paid* RA position
    • Email Nick Shea to get involved.
  6. How many types of sad music are there?

Opportunities for Designing Your Own Study

  1. Email Dr. Shanahan to discuss this option.