Andrew Brinkman

Andrew Brinkman is a Candidate for the Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Music Theory, working in the Cognitive and Systematic Musicology Laboratory. He obtained his B.A. in Music Education with Saxophone Specialization at Midwestern State University, his M.A. in Music Theory at Louisiana State University, and is currently working on a dual M.A. in Musicology alongside his doctoral studies at Ohio State. Andrew’s research interests mainly involve examining regional musics from Czechia and modern-day Bohemia from an empirical perspective. More broadly, Andrew works heavily with Central and Eastern European folk musics and hopes to broaden his research interests to include similar musics in the Iberian Peninsula and the British Isles. In regards to Cognitive studies, Andrew has worked on various projects in the CSML developing code and helping with data retrieval. As a whole, Andrew constantly attempts to both unpack and draw attention to the musics of groups who have gone relatively unnoticed throughout European history. In so doing, he hopes to find those hidden gems of the “people’s music” and place them in a new light for many more to appreciate and enjoy.


Brinkman, A., & Huron, D. (2018). The leading sixth scale degree: A test of Day-O’Connell’s theory. Journal of New Music Research, 47(2), 166-175.

Brinkman, A. (2017, August). What’s the deal with scale degree 6? Poster session presented at the Society for Music Perception and Cognition biennial meeting, San Diego, CA.