Zach Lookenbill

Zach LookenbillZach is a doctoral student and teaching assistant in music theory at OSU, as well as a member of the Cognitive and Systematic Musicology Lab. He received a B.M. in music theory and composition from West Chester University of Pennsylvania as well as a M.M. in music theory from Michigan State University. Zach’s academic interests are in music theory pedagogy, music analysis, and music cognition, as well as the intersection of these areas. He is interested in rhythm and meter analysis and perception, anti-racist and diverse music theory, and drumline and drum corps music. Specific to music cognition, Zach has presented research on polyrhythm perception, rhythmic complexity and syncopation, and tempo perception and preference, and has studied with Leigh VanHandel and Devin McAuley in the Timing, Attention, and Perception Lab at MSU. Outside of music academia, Zach enjoys cooking, running, listening to all kinds of music, and playing with his cat Charlotte!



Selected Presentations

Lookenbill, Z., VanHandel, L., & McAuley, D. (July, 2021). Rhythmic Complexity is not Syncopation: An Investigation into Additional Factors of Perceived Complexity [Virtual Poster]. International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition.

Lookenbill, Z. & VanHandel, L. (June, 2021). Effect of Metrical Primes on Perceived Complexity of 2:3 and 3:4 Polyrhythms [Virtual Presentation]. Rhythm Production and Perception Workshop.

VanHandel, L., Lookenbill, Z., Lopez, G., & McAuley, D. (October, 2020). How Fast Should This Rhythm Go? Rhythmic Cues for Tempo Determination [Virtual Presentation]. Music & Psychology Research Conference, Australian Music & Psychology Society.

Lookenbill, Z. (February, 2020). Day of (Metrical) Wrath: Finding Meter Through the Dies irae Motive in Rachmaninoff’s Etude-tableaux Op. 39, No. 2 [Conference Presentation]. IU GTA Research Symposium, Indiana University.